Visual Mathematics

April 4, 2019 0 By jogideas

Way back in January 2017 I wrote my one of my last articles for the North Clare Local. I had just started a series on Mathematics aimed at second level students at Junior and Leaving Cert Level. Because of the complexity of writing Mathematics on a page, I had taken to formatting the entire article into a PDF Document so it could be pasted directly into the newspaper as it was. The aim of the series was to introduce students to a different way of learning about Mathematics by combining the Visual interpretation with the Analytic Language interpretation (x,y,z).

A short few months later, the North Clare Local went out of production and the series ended. You can find links to tutorial/articles at the end of this post. It has always been a goal of mine to write a short book on the topic to help students at that level get their head around the concepts of Mathematics in a simpler more direct way than the current curriculum which tends to bamboozle them with loads of seemingly unrelated topics with loads of different equations that are essentially, when you analyze and visualize, just different interpretations of the same basic mathematical structures, i.e.. lines, waves, circles and points.

You can read/download the four articles here: