eBook Launch

March 23, 2019 1 By jogideas

So I’ve put a good bit of work into this website to create a platform to sell my eBook ‘Rise Up Ya Poorman’. I also put time in over the wonter months editing and re-editing the eBook version of the Book. I learned many new skills along the way like how to format an eBook and set a WordPress site. But all that aside the Book is the Jewel in the crown. I’ve had so much positive feedback over the years for the original 40-page printed book which was mostly sold at Willie Clancy Festivalmonths into As well as the book I’ve got a collection of Digital ArtNow globally distributed by Smashwords this extended 125-page copy includes many more illustrations in full and half-page size as well as an entire section of colorised photography. The Epilogue has now also been extended to include more titles from the post-crash-austerity epoch as well as the final Poetic masterpiece ‘ The Whole World is Stupid’ co-written by my daughter India (7) with some help from myself. Should you wish to be a reviewer please click on the Coupon at the bottom of the Post which will expire pretty quickly. I just need some general feedback, what you think, did you enjoy the book, do you think it is relevant and what star rating would you give it out of 5. If you miss out on the Coupon you may sample or purchase the book pre-review. You can sample 50% of the text for absolutely free or you can purchase the entire book for only $0.99c

To anyone among you who purchased one of the 500 original 40-page copies, thank you for all the positive feedback over the years.