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Update - Good Friday, April 10th --- Covid-19 is a Sickness

It is caused by microwaved particles of toxic air pollution which, when suspended in micro particles of precipitation, for example during light drizzle, can enter into the body causing a dry cough deep in the throat. Failure to treat properly can result in pneumonia and ultimately death. However, there are viable natural and technological treatments available right now. This video, channel and website ( demonstrates this theory and explains how to deal with a toxic infection and what you can do to prevent it. Bear in mind that humans are responsible for microwaving by 5G Radio Frequency transmitters and are also responsible for toxic air pollution by a multiplicity of different means all over the planet. Here in County Clare where we have beautiful clean air for 6 months of the year, farmers spread toxic chemical fertilizer all over the land leading to toxic nitrous oxide and ammonia in the air. This ihas always been a health hazard, However it is now exascerbated by the introduction of 5G microwaving being rolled out all over the country, while the population are kept under strict control and forced to sit it out in suspended ignorance.. The entire world, almost, has been fooled into believing a spurious conspiracy story about a ficticious virus that spreads like wildfire from person to person. In reality the microwaved air pollution in the only thing spreading like wildfire throughout the globe. We have a chance to end this and save countless lives.This technology is installed on the Cliffs of Moher and surrounding area where air pollution from nitrous oxide is at its worst..Knowledge is key to survival.. Watch the movie, visit the website. and jjoin the peaceful Ganshi-style non-violent, non-compliant movement against 5G and against chemical fertilizers.

March 22th - Corona Virus / Covid 19 is here - but there are already cures and remedies with widespread availability. Read On.


As a citizen of Ireland I am deeply concerned with the spread of the Corona Virus around the world and locally in this country North and South of the Border. Like everyone else I have been following the news closely and experiencing the consequences both personnally and in the wider community. The area where I live, had one of the first confirmed cases of Corona Virus in the country. However many more people were sick around the same time myself included. The general consensus is that there was a bad flu going around in February but that its not the Corona Virus. With no testing available at the time nobody really knows.

I've always been fairly healthy and love the outdoors. I play a lot of football whenever I can and generally the people around here are fit and healthy. While I commend the spirit being shown in solidarity by the Irish People at this very difficult time, I have to question the logic of asking everyone to stay indoors and turning our way of life upside down for even two weeks. I know its a short time in the grand scheme of things but really when you want as few people as possible to catch the virus, the best way surely is to promote greater health and well-being. That involves being outdoors, playing sports, working hard and getting on with life. There appears to be a wide-ranging misconception based on HSE 'Facts' that the virus is spread by contact-to-contact and anyone in contact could potentially become infected.

There is an alternative argument in the history of microbiology which says that the virus will only infect those who present it with a suitable environment in which to manifest itself and reproduce. People who are perfectly fit and healthy are effectively immune to the virus while those with high levels of toxicity and low oxygen in the cells are the most vulnerable. Age is not a factor. The virus requires a low-oxygen, acidic environment in which to thrive. The purpose of the virus is to decompose the toxiccity in the body as an aid to the bodys own elimination processes. From this point of view the virus is actually just a major global detox and one which is clearly required.

Nature does not produce living organisms for no reason. By staying indoors we are working against nature and denying the purpose of the virus. Yes it may go away but it seems fairly clear that nobody really understands whats supposed to happen when all this is over, or when it will all be over, or where exactly is the virus supposed to go. It all makes little or no sense to anyone, yet we are blindly following along hoping for the best. Everything we have learned over the past twenty years as we move closer and closer to global destruction, is that we have to work with nature and not against it. We are now using far more hand sanitizer that comes in plastic bottles and leaves your skin red raw. We are not allowed to go to the seaside if it is further than 2km away, even though the sea is full of life-affirming salt and makes us healthier. Staying indoors when we should be out gardening and growing stronger. This way will only make us weaker and more susceptible to the virus if we do come in contact with it.

I know people are scared, because of all the TV coverage and stories but we can only overcome the virus if we first overcome our fear and just get back to living our normal but with major adjustments to hwo we treat the planet. We can try to be healthier and pollute less. We can really try to pass laws that put the planet first.

I put up this page because I care about every single one of you and I just feel like people, especcially older people, are are being misled and frightened to death.

Let me be very clear. I do believe in social distancing and proper sanitation as a means to control the spread of the virus. But we cannot get carried away with this. The power to overcome the virus lies in each and eveery one of us,in how we trat our body and how we treat our environment. It is not just the fit and healthy who should survive. There are practical steps we all can take right now thar will make us stronger and less vulnerable and this should to be encouraged over and above restrictions to movement and work. This is really what this webpage is all about. I can't just sit idly by and watch my country tear itself apart because of a unproven and false Theory of Disease that has been accepted as fact for over two hundred years. I am a gardener for Gods Sake. Are you telling me that I am doing something wrong if I go to an older persons garden and get my hands dirty pulling out their weeds and sharing their company for a few hours, while respecting social distancing. That is how far away from Nature we are as a nation right now. Its total and utter nonsense. Any child could see this not to mind grown adults.

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